Architectural Controls

Changes to configuration or appearance of any exterior structures (e.g. home, detached structures, driveway, fence, etc.) must be approved through architectural controls, before work is started. Non-compliance with architectural controls may result in fines and/or legal action. The only exception to this is repairing with like kind, quality, color and materials. See the governing documents on the Homeowners tab for more details.

The HOA Board works diligently to adjust to changing construction practices, while staying in harmony with the uniqueness of our neighborhood and covenants. Current allowed variances (not an exhaustive list):

  • brick culvert caps, instead of aggregate concrete
  • metal roofing on patios, window bump-outs, and entranceways, instead of shingle
  • gravel parking pads, instead of aggregate or asphalt
  • six foot privacy fences on street facing side of lot, instead of 4 foot picket
  • black metal fencing (not chain link), instead of wood
  • maple leaf style wrought iron mailbox post, instead of original style (see mailboxes page)

Note: PAINTING OF EXTERIOR BRICK IS NOT PERMISSABLE and will  result in legal action, significant fines, and/or removal of materials at the homeowners expense.

Please submit the required documentation to Brock Schuler ( or Vickie Campbell (, before any work has begun. Questions may be directed to the board via

Architectural Review Information

Architectural Review Form