Mailboxes are one of the few common elements that tie our neighborhood together. Please keep yours in compliance with our standards and in good condition.

The box itself must be Medium (9H*7W*20D) or Large (11H*8.7W*22.6D) size, high gloss black in color, and metal only. Compliant styles may be purchased at local hardware stores, like Home Depot

Franklin Ironworks (Adele Martin @ 615-472-1519 or is the local source for posts, address tags, mailboxes, and any other related parts. The 2019 negotiated price for all is $380 plus tax, standard style or $480 plus tax for the Oakleaf style. Address tags only are $36. Installation (if needed) is $120. Contact the board for correct font if you need to replace the white vinyl numbers.

Note: Only holiday mailbox covers or decoration are permissible on mailboxes and posts. Please apply/decorate no more than 4 weeks prior and remove no later than 1 week past the holiday. No year-round mailbox covers, decals, other decoration are compliant. Also, per USPS standards, vegetation must not cover, mask, or impede access to the mailbox.

Compliant styles: